Collecting Late Payments Without Harming Your Customer Relationships


Managing customer relationships is an important but sometimes difficult skill for any business owner to master. MarketingProfs explains that some of the most effective ways of establishing a positive customer relationship include: Good communication Providing effective customer support Considering customers in your marketing initiatives Sending greetings cards However, keeping a positive and trusting relationship with…

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6 Tips To Keep The Momentum Going After A Busy Period


Your busy season is always great for business, but once that time comes to an end, things can really slow down. However, there are ways your company can keep that busy-season momentum going. Whether you’re coming down from holiday festivities or your most fruitful months happen when the weather’s warm, here’s a look at some…

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Professional Management Skills for Business Sustainability


Every business’ primary goal has always been to make a profit. However, in this increasingly complex world, plans have slowly changed. More and more, companies understand how applying sustainable business methods helps them secure long-term security for their business. This has made the topic of sustainability more relevant than ever before. In this article, you’ll…

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Prost Management: Lessons From Oktoberfest


7 cities – 10 stages – 40+ hours of oompah music – a lesson in project management and project controls from Oktoberfest! Oktoberfest can be a blast – unless you’re an oompah band that has become popular over the years.  It then becomes a lesson in coordination and logistics, stakeholder management, and risks. I am…

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5 Goals Every Project Manager Should Aspire To Achieve In 2021

5 Goals Every Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for overseeing projects from start to the finish.  From managing the teams to maintaining project artifacts, project managers have a lot on their plates. While juggling deadlines, objectives, conflict, and various constraints – time and resources just to name a couple – a project manager must ensure success in all areas…

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