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Do you feel like being your own boss, but with a company that’s already established?  

Arrowhead assists with researching potential businesses that align with your goals, skills, and interests. Already have a business in mind to purchase? Arrowhead will conduct thorough due diligence before helping you craft a fair market offer.


How Can Arrowhead Help? We provide…

Company Valuation

Thorough analysis of a company’s financial performance, assets, liabilities, and growth potential, using industry benchmarks and valuation methods, ensuring an accurate assessment, preventing overpayment.

Contract Review

Examination of legal documents, terms, and conditions to identify any potential risks or liabilities to ensure the buyer is aware of all obligations and implications of the purchase, safeguarding their interests.


Expert deal-making in securing favorable terms and conditions finalizing in a smooth transition of ownership.

Organizational Health Assessment

Determine the buyer's commitment by understanding the scope and implications of their potential investment.

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Available Services

As a small business consultant, we specialize in helping buyers make informed decisions when investing in new ventures. We focus on determining a company's true value by assessing its worth, rather than relying solely on the asking price. Our services include evaluating contract language for fairness and identifying potential "gotchas" to ensure cautious consideration before committing. We also thoroughly assess financial data to verify asking price validity and uncover potential issues for the buyer's awareness. By understanding the scope and implications of potential investments, our small business consultant expertise guides clients in making sound decisions for their business endeavors.

Hear from our Clients


Lisa B.

"Arrowhead has provided project mgmt, org change mgmt, business analysts and more for my organization. All of the staff have been extraordinarily qualified, professional and as committed to our project as our internal team. They bring a very high level of IT project knowledge to our endeavor and have instrumental in our successful deployment of enterprise software solutions."


Brent M.

“Kris and his team are amazing consultants, and they provide a service worth every penny. The work he has done for our company has changed the game for us and I can't express enough how much we appreciate what he has done for us and continues to do. The level of honesty, integrity and professionalism is second to none."

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