About Arrowhead Consulting

Aimed for Success

- Est. 2016 -

Our Mission

Helping businesses attain and sustain organizational health by providing tailored solutions to their unique problems.

Our Vision

To be the first company businesses turn to for assistance in solving their issues regarding people, processes, and tools.

Core Values

Values that extend from our workplace to yours

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    Own Your Relationships

    We take responsibility for our relationships and our work through humble confidence, striving to understand one another in every situation.

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    Shatter the Status Quo

    Innovation may be scary, but it can be what finally moves us forward. We’re not afraid to break down walls if the need arises.

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    Excellence is a Choice

    Sweating the small stuff is important to us - every detail makes a difference.

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    Team Over Self

    We work hard so that we can play hard and ensure our office is an excellent environment for everyone in it!

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    Do the Right Thing, Always

    We can only make progress when positivity, honesty, and generosity are values that we take seriously.

  • ACS-Arrowhead

    Pursue Growth and Learning

     We’re ready to learn from our mistakes and celebrate the differences we each bring to the table.


Our Team

Great people. Great results.


Kris Reynolds

Managing Partner / CEO

Bruce Jordan

Partner / CIO

Kuma Roberts

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
shane export-1-3

Shane Cox

Managing Director, Public Sector
Andrea export-1868-3

Andrea Pemberton

Talent and OE Lead

Jon Land

Senior Consultant

Mark Slatcher

Senior Data/Test Lead


Austin Dobbins

Business Analyst


Dalton Metzer

Digital Marketing Coordinator


Gretchen Mowry

Administrative Assistant
Kimberly export-1876

Callie Hummel

Rishika export-

Rishika Sadula


Future Arrowhead Employee

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