Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Training and education for a more welcoming workplace environment.

Inclusive workplace environments drive results.

DEI initiatives can feel intimidating. No one wants to make a mistake or handle diverse work interactions incorrectly. This can leave some team members feeling confused or apathetic, and some feeling unseen and forgotten. But we know that DEI initiatives don’t have to be scary or complicated. We’re here to help your organization build a diverse and inclusive work environment your employees love.


Arrowhead is aimed for success. We focus relentlessly on innovation and rely on teamwork and collaboration to help achieve our goals. In doing so, we know that diversity, equity, and inclusion is a part of who we are. We also believe that creating an inclusive environment where our employees are engaged and empowered strengthens our business and fosters a culture where we are inspired to work hard, challenge ourselves, and be innovative in our thinking.

Create a thriving culture of inclusion

Take the guesswork out of challenging conversations and misunderstandings around DEI. Learn how to navigate different perspectives while honoring everyone around you, and watch your workplace culture thrive as a result.

Set up for future success

Create a strong foundation for future success by investing in the training that will result in better employee retention, communication, market expansion, collaboration, and more diverse candidates.

Practical, real solutions

We’re not interested in helping you check a box. Instead, we offer transformative solutions and tangible advice. We’re here to see real progress, not just give lip service to DEI.

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What our clients are saying:

“I recently attended the Vermont Chamber of Commerce 2022 Economic Summit and witnessed a presentation by Kuma Roberts, the Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer of Arrowhead Consulting. Her presentation on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was the best, most honest and inspirational DEI presentation that I’ve experienced. Thank you, Kuma, for sharing your experiences and thoughts. I recommend her to others for learning more about DEI and what you can do to improve your environment, whether it’s your personal or business life.”

Patty Monahan

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