Arrowhead Consulting Merges with Reliant Talent Management


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Arrowhead Consulting Merges with Reliant Talent Management
Combining forces to bring greater business solutions

Tulsa, OK  Arrowhead Consulting is set to significantly enhance its service offerings through a strategic merger with Reliant’s Talent Management Consulting practice. This union, made effective earlier this month, broadens Arrowhead’s consulting services and leadership depth, positioning the company for greater innovation and impact.

Arrowhead Consulting will continue to provide strategic business coaching and project management under the leadership of CEO Kris Reynolds. Leveraging the expertise of Reliant’s founder, Dr. Chris Wright, and consulting practice leader Dr. Katie Packell, this merger amplifies Arrowhead’s capabilities in human capital management and organizational development, aligning with the company’s vision for future growth.

“Both companies have been working independently under the founding principle of relationship building,” shared Reynolds. “This partnership not only propels Arrowhead into a new era of business excellence but also ensures our clients benefit directly from an expanded suite of innovative tools and unparalleled talent.” 

Arrowhead Consulting will remain based in Tulsa, but its leaders have a nationwide reach with clients spanning across industries in 26 states. Clients range from local and regional leaders like St. Francis and ONE Gas, to national brands such as Williams, QuikTrip and Love’s. The partnership brings a greater focus on human capital management including consulting on selection, training, engagement, performance management, and succession planning.

Dr. Wright will transition into the pivotal role of Chief Growth Officer at Arrowhead, bringing a wealth of nearly three decades of management experience and innovation. In addition, he will maintain his fulltime role as Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Collins College of Business Faculty Member at The University of Tulsa.

“Reliant has served Oklahoma businesses for over 20 years. When looking towards the next phase of our growth, Arrowhead was the ideal partner. We’re both keenly focused on helping companies succeed through innovation and change. Combining our consulting practice with Arrowhead lets us invest all the best resources to help our clients thrive,” stated Wright. 

In the wave of updates, Kevin Veit will also join Arrowhead Consulting as the Chief Human Resources Officer. Veit has served as a trusted human resources (HR) expert in Tulsa for over 30 years and will lead the charge for organizational change management, as well as groundbreaking fractional C-suite advisory and consulting strategies services at the firm. His roles in leadership with key Oklahoma employers, and as executive coach for organizations nationwide, stand as examples of his tenured experience. 

Kevin shared “I’ve been a client and a partner with both Reliant and Arrowhead throughout my career. Joining forces with both leaders now was an easy decision. The prospect of combining our skills and expertise to provide value added services to our combined clients is very exciting.”

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