Comparing the Mckinsey Organizational Health Index to Arrowhead’s Organizational Health Assessment

Comparing the Mckinsey Organizational Health Index to Arrowhead’s Organizational Health Assessment

Organizational health is a critical factor for long-term performance. It represents an organization’s ability to align around and achieve strategic goals. Two notable tools that aim to measure and improve organizational health are the McKinsey Organizational Health Index (OHI) and Arrowhead’s Organizational Health Assessment (OHA).

Organizational Health Index vs Organizational Health Assessment

McKinsey’s Organizational Health Index

McKinsey’s OHI applies analytical rigor to organizational health management. It provides quantitative diagnostics and actionable insights that empower senior leaders to measure and improve organizational health. The OHI benchmark offers a global standard to measure and manage organizational health, with over 1 billion data points across various geographies and industries.

The OHI helps leaders identify disconnects within their organization and align different functions, teams, geographies, and tenure levels towards a common set of goals. It also enables leaders to analyze the impact of company practices and culture on performance and create an implementation roadmap to improve it.


Arrowhead’s Organizational Health Assessment

Arrowhead’s Organizational Health Assessment, on the other hand, differentiates itself by offering expert-driven advice from experienced subject matter experts. This approach efficiently addresses organizational health issues, setting it apart from simple software solutions.

The user-friendly dashboard of Arrowhead’s tool makes it easy for users to understand and engage with the data and results. It offers customizable solutions with multiple pricing tiers catering to the needs of different businesses. With custom question sets, organizations gain insights based on their specific structure and needs.

Arrowhead’s tool also introduces an innovative way of interacting with assessment results. The live dashboard expedites internal feedback, enabling companies to adopt a more informed, metric-based, and efficient approach to strategic planning.


While both McKinsey’s OHI and Arrowhead’s Organizational Health Assessment aim to improve organizational health, they offer different approaches and features. Arrowhead’s tool offers expert advice, a user-friendly dashboard, customizable solutions, and innovative engagement. Depending on your organization’s specific needs and preferences, one tool may be more suitable than the other.


While McKinsey’s OHI is an established, analytically rigorous tool with a global benchmark, Arrowhead’s OHA provides a more personalized and user-friendly experience through expert guidance, customization, and innovative engagement features. The live interactive OHA dashboard is also a unique feature. The choice between the two may depend on an organization’s specific preferences and requirements.

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