Organizational Health Assessment

Results-oriented analysis that provides a prioritized roadmap toward real change

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With so much happening in the day-to-day business operations, it can be difficult to determine the exact source of your organization’s biggest challenges. That’s why Arrowhead has developed a proven process to quickly and accurately analyze your pain points and provide tailored solutions for your business needs.

Our Organizational Health Assessment provides a holistic view of your organization and homes in on the areas needing the most attention.


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How It Works

1. Set Up

Decide which parts of your organization need evaluation, whether it's the entire company, multiple branches, or one department.

2. Kick Off Meeting

We’ll talk through the process with you and ensure your team understands the OHA’s purpose and why their participation is so valuable.

3. Create Change

Complete the OHA survey, receive customized results, and implement solutions for success.

Hear from our Clients


Heath M.

"Our company received far greater value than we imagined conducting this OHA. We saw immediate benefits and are looking to partner with Arrowhead to do this for one of our largest clients.”


Anne P.

“The Arrowhead team is a passionate group who are always willing to go the extra mile to help their clients. They are very professional and have many services that are beneficial for all organizations.”

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