Six Examples of how an Organizational Health Assessment Improved Business Success

Organizational health-the adaptive, self-renewing capacity of an organization built upon aligned management practices, employee engagement, and a robust culture-is an indispensable element of a thriving company. Like a medical checkup, an organizational health assessment is a proactive approach to ensure the well-being of your business. Here’s why these assessments are vital to a company’s success.…

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How to protect intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) plays a crucial role in the world of innovation, serving as the cornerstone of any venture that depends on unique concepts or designs. Whether your arena is tech startups, writing, music, or any other field that involves creation and innovation, protecting your intellectual property can be a decisive factor in your success…

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The Project Management of Parenting: A Mother’s Day Reflection

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this year, it’s worth reflecting on the ways that parenthood is an exercise in project management.   Some of you may wonder, how does one incorporate project management principles into the daily grind of parenthood?   Well, let me start by saying it’s not always an easy task. Parenthood can…

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May the FOUR Be With You – A Series on The DiSC Assessment (2023)


Part One: Learn to Identify the FOUR Primary DiSC Personality Styles of Your WorkFORCE. Much like popular science fiction movies, every workplace is made up of a variety of distinct personalities. This is where DiSC Assessment comes in. Interacting with people in a one-size-fits-all or cookie-cutter STORM TROOPER approach may lead to RESISTANCE. Understand, you…

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3 Project Management Methodologies You Need to Know

Effective project management is essential for any successful team, but with so many methodologies to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to use. In this guide, we’ll explore the top three project management methodologies, including their benefits and how they can help your team achieve its goals. Agile Methodology Agile methodology…

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Collecting Late Payments Without Harming Your Customer Relationships


Managing customer relationships is an important but sometimes difficult skill for any business owner to master. MarketingProfs explains that some of the most effective ways of establishing a positive customer relationship include: However, keeping a positive and trusting relationship with your customers is made more difficult when the issue of a late payment arises. Even…

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6 Tips To Keep The Momentum Going After A Busy Period


Your busy season is always great for business, but once that time comes to an end, things can really slow down. However, there are ways your company can keep that busy-season momentum going. Whether you’re coming down from holiday festivities or your most fruitful months happen when the weather’s warm, here’s a look at some…

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A Trip to Disney World – The Ultimate Family Project

Everything we do in life is a project, even taking the family to Disney World. Upon returning from a recent family trip to Disney World, I reflected on how much Project Management and the adherence of its best practice methodologies went into the successful completion of our family project. Before I delve into some specific…

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Professional Management Skills for Business Sustainability


Every business’ primary goal has always been to make a profit. However, in this increasingly complex world, plans have slowly changed. More and more, companies understand how applying sustainable business methods helps them secure long-term security for their business. This has made the topic of sustainability more relevant than ever before. In this article, you’ll…

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