May the FOUR Be With You – DiSC Personality Styles How to Close More Deals

Part Four: Using DiSC Personality Styles and Star Wars to Close More Deals



Whether you are selling LIGHTSABERS, STARFIGHTERS, or DROIDS, as a salesperson, understanding your customer’s buying style can make the difference between making a sale or leaving empty-handed.  Today, the COMPETITION for customers is a BATTLE!  Craft a WINNING selling strategy by understanding the buying needs and preferences of the four DiSC personality styles.

(Refer back to Part One of the Arrowhead Consulting May The FOUR Be With You series to determine which of the 4 styles your customers are.)


The Dominance DiSC Personality Style

Starting with the DARK SIDE, how do you sell a BLACK SUIT and CAPE to a HEAVY BREATHING, INTERGALACTIC DOMINATOR like DARTH VADER?  DOMINANCE D-style (DARTH) prospects are decisive and fast-paced.  Often intimidating, D-style buyers are easily irritated by indecisiveness and inefficiency.  Wanting to control the sales process, D-styles want to know you are up to the challenge, otherwise, they will lose respect for you. You must have confidence and believe in yourself.

  • “You fail because you don’t believe” – Yoda

Being ARMED with extensive knowledge and staying toe-to-toe will earn the D-styles respect and close the deal.


The Influence DiSC Personality Style

Wanting to be ever popular, WOOKIE LOVING INFLUENCE I-styles (HAN SOLO) buy based on feelings and emotions.  I-styles fear social rejection and they consider how the buying decision impacts their status with others.  Highly optimistic, they I-style buyer may have great intentions to buy from you until the next salesperson comes along. (SPACE SQUIRREL) There is no need for hokey sales tactics, but you must secure their commitment to buy or potentially lose the sale.

  • “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” – Han Solo

The Steadiness DiSC Personality Style

WOOKIE’S want to make the right decision for everyone.  STEADINESS S-style (CHEWBACCA) prospects make buying decisions based on the impact to those around them.  They like to talk details before purchasing and need a salesperson who is supportive and patient.  If you don’t leave your arrogance at the door, you will face RESISTANCE!

  • “Great kid! Don’t get cocky” – Han Solo

The Conscientiousness DiSC Personality Style

CONSCIENTIOUSNESS C-Style (C3PO) buyers are analytical and precise.  Never wanting to regret their decision, C-styles will need as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision. Be prepared with facts and information to secure the sale.

  • “Excuse me sir, but that R2-D2 is in prime condition, a real bargain”. – C3PO

Much like becoming a JEDI, learning to MASTER selling to different personalities takes PRACTICE. Since you can’t use TELEKINESIS to FORCE customers to buy, learning to adjust your approach to SUIT each individual customer will allow for VICTORY!

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Amy Ratliff, OE/LD Practice Leader – Arrowhead Consulting