May the FOUR Be With You – A Series on The DiSC Assessment

Part One: Learn to Identify the FOUR Primary DiSC Personality Styles of Your WorkFORCE.


Much like popular science fiction movies, every workplace is made up of a variety of distinct personalities. This is where DiSC Assessment comes in. Interacting with people in a one-size-fits-all or cookie-cutter STORM TROOPER approach may lead to RESISTANCE. Understand, you will, discovering DiSC personality styles need not require JEDI MIND TRICKS.                                            

Everyone, based on personality style, has a unique way they gain motivation, prioritize, communicate, collaborate, and manage stress. Identifying and then understanding the 4 primary DiSC Assessment styles will improve the quality of your workplace relationships.

DiSC Assessment in the World of Star Wars

George Lucas filled the galaxies with diverse characters representing each personality style. 

  • (D) Dominance – Darth Vader – Direct, Firm, Forceful
  • (I) Influence – Han Solo – Outgoing, High-Spirited, Lively
  • (S) Steadiness – Chewbacca – Accommodating, Patient, Humble
  • (C) Conscientiousness – C3P0 – Analytical, Precise, Systematic


Based on the description of these characters, several of your co-workers, or even family members,  may come to mind for each style. You can determine the primary style of individuals by answering two questions. First, is the individual “Fast-Paced and Outspoken” OR “Cautious and Reflective?”  Secondly, is the person “Accepting and Warm” or “Questioning and Skeptical?” Armed with this foundational information, use your YODA like skills, and the chart below, to identify the styles of your FORCES.


The Next Steps: A DiSC Exercise For You

Make a list of the people you interact with the most in your home or workplace and note their DiSC Assessment style. What is your primary DiSC style?  Determining an individual’s style is the first BATTLE.  You won!  Committing to EXPLORE this SPACE is your second MISSION!  Therefore, don’t go, ROGUE!


What's Next?

Join us next week for part 2 as we take a more in-depth look at DiSC and the way each style handles conflict entitled: Do or Do Not, There Is No Try.  A Jedi’s Guide to Mastering Conflict In the Workplace.


Anxious as JAR JAR BINKS to learn more?  Arrowhead Consulting can work with you and/or your team to complete DiSC assessments and training both virtually and in-person!   Email our Certified DiSC MASTER Amy Ratliff at for more information!


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