How We Used An Organizational Health Assessment for a Client’s Success


Learn how this company utilized the assessment of the Organizational Health Assessment to highlight its strengths and opportunities for improvement and put them on the path towards controlled growth.


Oil & Gas


Consulting Services Provided

Organizational Health Assessment (OHA), PMO Assessment



A premier provider of engineering, inspection, and GIS solutions for utility infrastructure & operations in the Oil & Gas industry. This company is experiencing significant growth while finding that the organization’s systems and processes are not growing at the same rate.



Given the aggressive growth strategy, the organization has been facing steep challenges in the following areas:

  • Lack of integration between distributed teams and offices in North America
  • Misalignment of organizational and team objectives and goals
  • Weak communication and information distortion
  • Significant variations observed in processes, systems, and tools



The client engaged Arrowhead to perform an Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) of the organization’s maturity in their different verticals. At the conclusion of the assessment, Arrowhead provided a comprehensive report that addressed the specific “pain points” of the company in order to provide a heat map of areas that were suffering from low maturity, in effect, giving the client areas needing priority focus and initiative. Included within the report was a roadmap of recommendations and implementable solutions.



The organization now has a data-driven report which provides the necessary insight into not only where, but how they should focus efforts. Moreover, the report specifies which efforts would produce the greatest impact. Arrowhead is working with the client to implement the recommended solutions to increase maturity, allowing the organization’s capabilities to be more aligned with its growth. The value delivered in undertaking an OHA Assessment extends to the organization’s ROI, employee and customer satisfaction, and overall company health.


“Our company received far greater value than we imagined conducting this OHA.  We saw immediate benefits and are looking to partner with Arrowhead to do this for one of our largest clients.”

- Heath M., President of Magnolia River

Defining an Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) 

An Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) is a structured collection of elements that describe characteristics of effective processes.

An OHA provides:

  • A starting point
  • The benefit of a community’s prior experiences
  • A common language and a shared vision
  • A framework for prioritizing actions
  • A way to define what improvement means for your organization
Arrowhead OHA process

OHA Benefits

  • A 1-hour employee investment will allow for the greatest amount of information to be obtained in a short amount of time (Recommended number of respondents 15-20+)
  • Receive a comprehensive report on Quick Wins, Short-term and Long-term implementation recommendations tailored to your business
  • Data is not biased, a single stakeholder can’t determine/drive the results

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