Strategic Project Management in Government – White Paper

Navigating Complexity for Public Sector Success Executive Summary: In the dynamic and complex landscape of government project management, the role of a ProjectManager (PM) is pivotal. This white paper from Arrowhead Consulting outlines the six indispensablequalities of an effective PM, tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of governmentprojects. These qualities encompass expert management of…

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Ben-Hur’s Guide to Team Performance

Judah Ben-Hur

As a young boy I enjoyed going to the movies with my mom, especially those movies that had gladiators and action scenes. As a child that was sorely lacking a positive role model at home, I think my mom looked for opportunities to watch movies with me in which the leading man had character, wisdom,…

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Onboarding Lessons from the Pack

Onboarding by the pack

My wife says that she has a black heart, but I have never believed it. When she cares, she cares deeply, and almost nothing will dissuade her from her resolve. A case in point is our pack of dogs, which I call the dog pack from the island of misfit toys—each of our dogs is “unique,” with most having some form…

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The Biggest Difference Between Results and Being a Loser

The undeniable truth?  We are born, live and die losing.  Yes, I could have stated it more gently, but that is the truth…we lose.  We lose physical competitions, we lose spelling bees, we lose debates, we lose business deals, we lose out on accomplishing goals, we lose at relationships, heck, just about everyone I know…

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The Best Continuous Improvement Tools for your Business

Organizational health-the adaptive, self-renewing capacity of an organization built upon aligned management practices, employee engagement, and a robust culture-is an indispensable element of a thriving company. Like a medical checkup, an organizational health assessment is a proactive approach to ensure the well-being of your business. Here’s why these assessments are vital to a company’s success.…

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