Project Controls

Efficient Scheduling, Costing, and Control

Tailored control strategies for every project phase

  • Projects Delivered on Time
  • Increased Project Success Rates
  • Streamlined Project Processes

Projects often exceed deadlines. Budgets frequently overrun.

When projects lag, stress mounts. Overextended budgets lead to tough decisions and compromised quality.

Arrowhead’s Project Controls bring precision to your project. We ensure timely delivery within your budget.


Resource Optimization

Utilizing resources for maximum impact.

Stress Reduction

Reliable control for peace of mind.

Client Satisfaction

Delivering results that exceed expectations.

What our clients are saying:

“I had the pleasure of working directly with Bruce over the last year. He is an expert in project controls / scheduling and helped my company implement many process improvements over several years. If you are looking for a big change with dramatic, lasting results look no farther. Arrowhead has the expertise and flexibility you need you optimize your business.”

Sarah Kuegel Jones

“Bruce Jordan with Arrowhead Consulting did an outstanding job with a presentation to the Project Management Institute – OKC Chapter. We was a very effective presenter and clearly a subject matter expert in project management. His specific topic was understanding project schedules.”

Gerry Wooten

“Desk & Derrick Club of Tulsa was thrilled to have Bruce Jordan present on “Project Controls – Calming the Chaos of Projects.” Bruce was very engaging, knowledgeable and a fun speaker! Will definitely be working with this team again.”

Alesia Bailey

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  • Customized Scheduling: Tailored timelines for each project.
  • Budget Forecasting: Predicting costs with accuracy.
  • Document Management: Organized and accessible project documents.
  • Risk Analysis: Identifying potential issues early.
  • Resource Allocation: Efficient use of manpower and materials.
  • Cost Control: Keeping expenses within budget.
  • Quality Control: Ensuring high standards are met.
  • Stakeholder Communication: Regular, clear updates to all parties.
  • Change Management: Adapting swiftly to project alterations.
  • Performance Reporting: Detailed updates on project status.
  • Vendor Management: Coordinating with external suppliers.
  • Team Collaboration: Facilitating effective team work.
  • Technology Integration: Utilizing the latest project management tools.
  • Training and Support: Equipping teams with necessary skills.
  • Post-Project Analysis: Learning for future project improvements.
  • Client Involvement: Engaging clients in the process.
  • Progress Tracking: Monitoring project milestones.


How does Project Controls ensure on-time delivery?
  • By implementing precise scheduling and regular progress assessments.

Can Project Controls help with budget overruns?
  • Absolutely, through meticulous budget management and cost forecasting.

Is my project too small for Project Controls?
  • Our services are scalable to projects of any size.

How do you handle changes in project scope?
  • We adapt quickly, updating all controls to align with new objectives.

Will I be updated on the project’s progress?
  • Regular, transparent communication is a key part of our service.

How do you manage project risks?
  • Through early identification and proactive mitigation strategies.

Can you integrate with our existing systems?
  • We aim for seamless integration with client systems for efficiency.

Are your methods adaptable to different industries?
  • Yes, our approach is flexible to suit various industry needs.

How does Project Controls improve project quality?
  • By maintaining high standards and consistent oversight throughout.

What makes Arrowhead’s approach unique?
  • Our tailored, client-centric approach sets us apart.

How involved will I be in the project?
  • Client involvement is encouraged to ensure alignment with your vision.

What if my project is already underway?
  • We can step in at any stage to bring your project back on track.

How do you ensure document security and confidentiality?
  • We employ strict protocols to protect all project information.

Can Project Controls handle complex, multi-faceted projects?
  • Our expertise is particularly suited for managing complex projects.

What is the first step to start with Project Controls?
  • Contact us for a consultation to tailor our services to your needs.

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