A Taste From The Book, Lessons From The Lemonade Stand, By Kris Reynolds

Lessons From The Lemonade Stand Book Cover

Lessons From The Lemonade Stand, by Kris Reynolds, CEO & Founder of Arrowhead Consulting

“Is the juice worth the squeeze?” This is the root question of why our CEO, Kris Reynolds, wrote his debut book Lessons From The Lemonade Stand.

And that’s because as an early-stage entrepreneur, it can be hard to determine if the end results will be worth the time, money, and effort required to launch a new business.

While statistics show that 90% of new businesses fail, it can be argued that entrepreneurs only really fail when they give up trying. Successful entrepreneurs possess an ability to learn valuable lessons along the often-tumultuous journey toward fulfilling their big ideas.

You will need to buy and read Kris’s book in order to fully understand and learn these many valuable lessons, but we’d like to provide a few of our favorite excerpts to give those interested a taste of what they can look forward to reading.

On Taking Action vs. Overthinking Your Next Big Idea

Lemonade Stand Lesson #1: Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about. We think good ideas to death when we should be acting them to life. Your business idea, or existing business, must excite you on some level to be a true success.”

On Making Time for Strategic Thinking

Lemonade Stand Lesson #10: If variety is the spice of life, entrepreneurs should expect daily heartburn … The absence of strategic thinking can sometimes keep leaders so heads down in the immediacy of the NOW that taking the proper “soak time” often required to see the forest (big picture) for the trees (day to day reality) suffers.”

On Assuming The ‘No’ & Asking Anyways

Lemonade Stand Lesson #14: You already have the no. If you assume the ‘no,’ you remove the pressure and make it easier to present your case and ask for the ‘yes.’ … Seriously we all knew this as kids, right? When we wanted something the assumption was always that ‘no’ would be the answer, but when we wanted something bad enough, we didn’t let that stop us.”

Praise for Lessons From the Lemonade Stand

“Have an idea so big it scares you? – GOOD. ‘Lessons from the Lemonade Stand’ will help you better understand how to bring your business concept to life coupled with a direct and make-it-happen approach. Like lemons, this book offers leaders a ‘healthy’ perspective in reaching desired business results.” – Tom Bennett, President at First Oklahoma Bank

‘Lessons from the Lemonade Stand’ is filled with user-friendly chapters and concise collections of business insights for today’s forward-thinking professionals. It offers leaders permission to THINK BIGGER and apply tried-and-true strategies to help achieve the best possible outcome, in business and in life.” – Amy Haley, Training Manager at QuikTrip

Buy a digital or printed copy of Kris Reynold’s debut book, Lessons From The Lemonade Stand, now available. And, if what you read gives you the inspiration to make your next big business idea a reality, you can contact us to help you identify ways to make it happen.