Reasons to Get Your PMP Certification Training from Arrowhead Consulting

You finally did it! You decided to take the plunge and get your PMP® certification. There are multiple options and venues available to prepare for the test, but which one is the best (for you)?

You could:

  • read the PMBOK® 6 cover to cover (with lots of caffeine).
  • spend precious time researching the vast number of various PMP® boot camp and PMP® classes available both locally and online.
  • order any/all proposed self-study material off of Amazon.
  • take as many PMP® practice exams as you can and hope for the best.

While these are all valid options, we think the best PMP® test prep is available with our organization, Arrowhead Consulting. We’re one of Oklahoma’s best PMP® certification training companies.

If you’re just investigating why PMP certification might be right for you, here’s our top 5 reasons to get your PMP certification from Arrowhead:

You could earn up to $20,000 more with your PMP® Certification

PMP-Could-Lead-to-RaiseStatistics found on Google, Quora, PMExaminer, and show project managers with their PMP® certification earn more than $20,000 more on average than their non-PMP® certified counterparts.

That’s a lot of salary at stake. Don’t trust your training with just anyone. Invest in your project managing future the right way. We have taught more classes and developed more new PMPs® than other organizations in Tulsa.

PMP® instructor-led certification vs PMP® online certification

It really comes down to what Socrates and Plato said so long ago – “Know Thyself.” How you learn is as important as what you are learning. While some of these options may feel like they are for you, many come with pros and cons to consider.

An immersive 4-day boot camp in which you take the actual test on the fifth day is an option – but very demanding. You must eat, sleep and drink the PMBOK® every waking hour of every day. This can be very tedious and leads to more of a “learn and purge” because the info is being jammed in your head and not always associated to real world practices or related back to your day job.

Taking the PMP® exam prep solely online or via video instruction is another option, but may not allow you to interact with the class or the instructor. You can rewind or retake sections but if you don’t understand or get the concept, you may not have someone there to truly help you understand the material.

Class-Featured-Image-3With Arrowhead’s PMP® certification course, you not only have a live, experienced instructor that can give you one-on-one guidance, but also other students in the class striving for the same goal. You get to know each other, learn about other industries and how they may be trying to bring PMBOK® methods into their organizations, as well as the ability to form study groups to continue the learning after the class is over.

The PMBOK® is only getting bigger

Here’s a short history lesson for you. The size of the PMBOK® editions from 1st to 6th:


This continual updating of material is an understandable trend as practicing project managers have gained wisdom and insight that has been used as Lessons Learned for all these new editions. These lessons learned are probably also the reason behind the term “Expert Judgment” used throughout the inputs, tools and outputs of the various knowledge areas of the PMBOK®.

The PMP® exam questions are only going to get harder

As you may have heard, ambiguity and double speak are among the “kinder” ways of describing the questions on the test. As the PMBOK® has increased in size, the PMP® exam questions have moved away from being based on the information in the PMBOK®, but rather the actual application of the information contained there. Since the questions are scenario-based, the PMP® test is no longer just a fact memorization and regurgitation type test.

PMP-Exam-Questions-Getting-HarderAlso consider that many questions are very long (three paragraphs!) and have red herrings spread throughout the questions. You could find yourself wanting to pull your hair out. We’ve had a student toss the PMBOK® 5 across the room while taking a sample test and proclaim “this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.”

At Arrowhead, we teach you how to overcome the vagueness and uncertainty of the questions and how to key into the important information in the exam. We have created many best practices and proven methods to help you take the PMP® exam with confidence and pass the first time.

Don’t trust your $20k raise to less experienced PMP® certification instructors 

When you take your training from Arrowhead Consulting, you are working with a company that has taught more PMP® classes and guided more PMP® candidates through their journey to achieve the PMP® certification than other organizations in Oklahoma. Our four-and-a-half-day course not only gives you the contact hours needed to meet the PMP® certification requirements to sit for the exam, but also all the handouts, materials, questions, and PMP® consulting needed to pass the exam on your first try.

Call us at (918) 631-7321 or visit us at to register for the next PMP course. Mention this blog and receive an additional 10% discount off our course rate.