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See what we are doing to help local students learn about project management.

PM4Y™ is a program that teaches participating students the skills they will need to be successful in an increasingly project-oriented world. Students work in teams to learn the basics of Project Management while exploring relevant, real-world problems and developing sustainable solutions through the planning and executing of a real-world project.

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Organizational Health Assessment (OHA)


Nonprofit organizations face unique challenges. An OHA provides unbiased data that can be used as a guide for prioritizing the right actions to remedy them.

From the assessment, Arrowhead provides recommendations that, when implemented, quickly create value through consistent processes, predictable outcomes, and a clear vision for the future.

Strategic Planning

Nonprofits often face having to “do more with less” or find themselves overwhelmed with managing both day-to-day aspects of the organization and larger-scale launches of new initiatives. Arrowhead has a team of project managers who have worked with multiple nonprofits to effectively drive the detailed execution of projects.

Leadership and Talent Development

People are the backbone of nonprofit agencies. Let us help them achieve their potential. Arrowhead develops effective leaders through personality assessments (e.g., DiSC®, Hogan, Colors, StrengthsFinder), customized coaching sessions, and classes.

This leads to improved customer and colleague interactions, reduced turnover, and increased productivity.