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Organizational Health Assessment

Is your organization struggling to operate at its maximum potential or overwhelmed in knowing where to look for the cure?

An Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) triages your company’s pain points and highlights the area(s) of biggest need. This allows you to remedy those issues that will move the needle the most.



  • Allows for a vast amount of unbiased data to be obtained in a short amount of time with little impact on your staff
  • Creates a common language and a shared vision for success
  • Provides a framework for prioritizing actions
  • Defines what improvement means for your organization
  • Customized to meet the needs of a department, function, or entire enterprise
  • 100+ questions across multiple organizational processes (e.g. Strategy, Operations, Leadership, Marketing, etc.), and points will be accumulated based on responses.
  • Detailed analysis of the problem areas that need assistance.
  • 20+ Page Executive Summary and Presentation of findings and recommended implementations.

Organizational Health Assessment Heatmap

Has Your Organization Taken A "Before" Picture Lately?

What to expect from an Organizational Health Assessment?

The value delivered in undertaking an OHA, whether in public, private or non-profit organizations, extends to the return on investment, employee and customer satisfaction, and overall company health.


Executive Summary


"Our company received far greater value than we imagined conducting this OHA.  We saw immediate benefits and are looking to partner with Arrowhead to do this for one of our largest clients."

Heath M., President of Magnolia River

Are you ready to take your Organizational Effectivness to the next level?