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Make The LEAP
A Development Series Designed to Leave the Status Quo Behind

You probably think about leadership in terms of direction setting, bringing out the best in others, and achieving optimal results. There are many opportunities in one’s life where leadership can be exhibited. You must be willing to adopt and adapt these skills to grow, both personally and professionally. Arrowhead’s LEAP program aids aspiring, successful professionals to take their leadership skills to the next level.
Come explore the three phases of LEAP.

Lead Self

Self-Leadership is the ability to consciously influence your own thoughts and behavior in order to achieve your personal goals. Self-led people make the right decisions and have both foresight and self-awareness. Professionals who start to master the skill of self-leadership, benefit in a range of ways. Arrowhead’s LEAD SELF courses will help you identify, understand and grow your personal leadership strategies to deliver great results consistently.

Lead Others

Leading Others requires a unique responsibility that starts with the leader’s behavior. Leaders respect people, ask questions, listen to their employees, show sincere appreciation and recognition, and develop their staff. Arrowhead’s LEAD OTHERS courses will teach you these valuable skills, helping you build strong relationships and drive results within your team.

LEAP Development Series

Lead Organizations

There are many psychological and sociological phenomena that regularly occur in organizations, though many of these forces are challenging to see. Arrowhead’s LEAD ORGANIZATIONS courses will help you create sense and meaning of these occurrences en route to building a thriving culture where flawless strategic execution becomes commonplace.

"Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there."

Will Rogers

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