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“Kris and his team are amazing consultants, and they provide a service worth every penny. The work he has done for our company has changed the game for us and I can’t express enough how much we appreciate what he has done for us and continues to do. The level of honesty, integrity and professionalism is second to none.”

Brent Mcclain

“I am a small, first time, black-owned business owner who took a leap of faith to initiate my dream business. I had no experience with managing a company. Arrowhead Consulting guided me in starting up my organization, and led me to a successful business plan. Arrowhead consulting genuinely cares about the success of each client. They assisted me in each step of the process. Kris Reynolds, the Arrowhead team leader has a passion for building sustainable relationships that benefit you and your business endeavors. If you desire a diverse skilled consulting firm with passionate advisors who take pride in developing businesses at all stages of production then Arrowhead is the perfect place for you.

Matthew Roberson

“Bruce Jordan held a presentation for the PMI OKC chapter this August. I’ve attended a year’s worth of presentations through this group and can honestly say Bruce’s was the most relatable and easy to understand. As a newly certified PMP, I often find talks like this to be so technical and confusing. It was valuable to hear the foundations of project schedules and learn ways to apply them in the real world. I highly recommend Arrowhead Consulting for any of your, your employees’ or your members’ project management needs.”

Kristin Light

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  • Financial Performance Review: In-depth analysis of past and present financial health.
  • Asset Evaluation: Detailed review of tangible and intangible assets.
  • Liability Assessment: Comprehensive examination of outstanding obligations.
  • Growth Potential Analysis: Projections and assessments for future expansion.
  • Industry Benchmarking: Comparative analysis against industry standards.
  • Valuation Methodologies: Utilizing various approaches for balanced valuation.
  • Cash Flow Analysis: Inspecting the lifeline of the business’s finances.
  • Investment Return Calculations: Estimating the potential return on investment.
  • Market Analysis: Evaluating current market conditions and positioning.
  • Operational Review: Assessing efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
  • Strategic Positioning: Analyzing competitive standing and strategic direction.
  • Risk Management Evaluation: Identifying and assessing potential risks.
  • Tax Implications Analysis: Considering the impact of taxes on valuation.
  • Legal Obligations Review: Understanding the legal constraints and opportunities.
  • Technology Assessment: Evaluating the role and value of technology in operations.
  • Brand Value Estimation: Assessing the worth of brand recognition and reputation.
  • Customer Base Analysis: Examining the value and stability of customer relationships.
  • Supplier and Partner Reviews: Analyzing the strength of business partnerships.


What sets your financial performance review apart?
  • We provide a comprehensive, in-depth look at both historical and current financial health.

How do you conduct asset evaluations?
  • We thoroughly assess both tangible and intangible assets to determine their true value.

What’s involved in your liability assessment?
  • Our assessment includes a detailed review of all financial obligations.

How do you analyze a company’s growth potential?
  • We use market trends, projections, and industry benchmarks to evaluate potential expansion.

What valuation methodologies do you use?
  • We employ a variety of methodologies to ensure a balanced and accurate valuation.

Can you explain your cash flow analysis process?
  • We closely examine the inflows and outflows to understand the financial health and sustainability of the business.

How do you calculate investment return?
  • We estimate the potential ROI based on current performance and future projections.

What does your market analysis cover?
  • We evaluate market conditions, trends, and the company’s positioning within its industry.

What’s included in your operational review?
  • Our review assesses operational efficiency, effectiveness, and overall impact on the business’s value.

How do you assess a company’s strategic positioning?
  • We analyze its competitive standing, market share, and strategic direction.

Can you detail your risk management evaluation?
  • We identify and assess potential business risks, including market, operational, and financial risks.

How is tax implications analysis conducted?
  • We consider how different tax scenarios could impact the overall valuation of the business.

What does a legal obligations review entail?
  • It involves understanding all legal aspects that could affect the business’s operations and value.

How do you assess the value of technology in a business?
  • We evaluate the role, advancement, and impact of technology on the company’s operations and growth.

What does your brand value estimation look at?
  • We assess the impact of brand recognition and reputation on the overall business value.

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