Building Networks, Advancing Businesses

Leveraging connections for business expansion and client acquisition

  • Enhanced Business Visibility
  • Diverse Client Leads
  • Robust Collaborative Opportunities

Struggling to get noticed? Need wider recognition?

Unseen, unheard? It’s time for your network to reflect your worth.

Our networking strategies position you at the forefront of your industry.


Increased Industry Presence

Visibility through valuable connections.

Strategic Industry Positioning

Placement at the center of opportunity.

Client Base Diversification

Access a broader spectrum of clients.

What our clients are saying:

“We were looking for a group to join us on a Leadership Retreat and spend a day focusing on a few disciplines to help improve our team. A colleague of ours recommended Arrowhead Consulting. We were very pleased with the level of content and the methods in which they delivered it. We most certainly intend to do more with them in the future.”

Jeremy Lewis – President of Clifford Power Systems, Inc.

“Arrowhead has provided project mgmt, org change mgmt, business analysts and more for my organization. All of the staff have been extraordinarily qualified, professional and as committed to our project as our internal team. They bring a very high level of IT project knowledge to our endeavor and have instrumental in our successful deployment of enterprise software solutions.”

Lisa Bulingame

“I was looking for a facilitator to join my team’s retreat. I wanted someone to help us set the foundation for a high performing team and also get us started on strategic planning and taking a look at our processes. Kris did not disappoint! He was absolutely wonderful. The session was a little over a half day and featured team building activities, tenets of what makes a high performing team and actions that we the team needed to continue as well as next steps. We covered trust, conflict, communication, commitment, collaboration, accountability and results. It was exactly what we needed! I highly, highly recommend. I could not have asked for a better session to really set the team on the right path. Also, the public courses are phenomenal! Thank you Kris and Arrowhead Consulting!”

Leonelle Thompson

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  • Targeted Connection Strategies: Tailored to your business niche.
  • Influencer Engagement: Connecting you with industry leaders.
  • Partnership Outreach: Initiating contacts for collaboration.
  • Client Discovery Sessions: Finding the right audience for you.
  • Networking Workshops: Enhancing your team’s networking skills.
  • Online Presence Optimization: Boosting your digital networking potential.
  • Community Building: Creating networks within your market.
  • Referral Programs: Encouraging word-of-mouth growth.
  • Cross-Industry Introductions: Expanding your reach to adjacent markets.
  • Networking Analytics: Measuring the success of networking efforts.
  • Personal Branding Advice: Positioning you as a thought leader.
  • Strategic Networking Plans: Comprehensive planning for sustained growth.
  • Trade Show Planning: Strategizing your presence at trade shows.
  • Networking Follow-Up Strategies: Keeping connections alive and productive.
  • Collaboration Platforms: Facilitating online networking opportunities.
  • Executive Introductions: Direct access to high-level decision-makers.


How do you identify the right connections for my business?
  • We analyze your industry and goals to tailor-make your connection strategy.

What makes your networking approach effective?
  • We focus on strategic, quality connections over quantity.

Can you assist with networking at industry events?
  • Yes, we provide comprehensive support for maximizing event opportunities.

How do you help with influencer engagement?
  • We facilitate introductions and foster relationships with key influencers.

What’s involved in partnership outreach?
  • We initiate and nurture contacts that can lead to fruitful collaborations.

How can your client discovery sessions benefit my business?
  • They’re designed to identify and attract your ideal client base.

Can you enhance our team’s networking skills?
  • Absolutely, our workshops are tailored to improve team networking capabilities.

How do you optimize online presence for networking?
  • We enhance your digital profile to attract and engage with the right audience.

What’s the benefit of referral programs?
  • They encourage organic growth through trusted word-of-mouth.

How do you assist with cross-industry networking?
  • We identify and bridge connections in adjacent markets for broader reach.

What analytics do you provide for networking efforts?
  • We measure the effectiveness and ROI of your networking activities.

How do you help with personal branding for networking?
  • We position you as a thought leader to make your networking more effective.

Can you develop a strategic networking plan for my business?
  • Yes, we create plans that ensure sustainable networking growth.

What’s your approach to trade show planning?
  • We strategize your presence to maximize visibility and connections.

How do you manage networking follow-ups?
  • We establish strategies to keep your connections engaged and productive.

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