Our 9-month executive coaching engagement is specially crafted for senior organizational leaders. It offers a personalized, one-on-one approach tailored to meet each participant’s specific needs, providing action planning and continuous support in addressing leadership challenges and seizing opportunities. The customization begins with a thorough assessment and feedback process and extends through bi-weekly meetings with their coach over six months. Utilizing a diverse range of evidence-based strategies, participants are consistently guided in overcoming internal, interpersonal, and systemic barriers that may impede peak leader performance.

The Executive Coaching Package includes the following components:

  • Comprehensive Leadership Assessments  
  • Qualitative 360° process with feedback (6-8 individuals) 
  • Feedback Delivery Sessions (2) with Participant  
  • Creation of an Individual Coaching Plan 
  • Key Feedback Takeaways Meeting with Supervisor (and Organizational Sponsors, if desired) 
  • Meeting with Supervisor and (and Organizational Sponsors, if desired) at mid-way point of coaching to review goals, action steps and outcomes 
  • 6 months of one-on-one coaching (Bi-Weekly, 50-minute Virtual sessions) 
  • Total Time = 9 months