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Project Management

Everything we do in life is a project, and by definition, each of those is unique. That is why we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to helping you with your projects. Instead, we seek to understand the nuances and complexities that make up your specific situation, focusing on what success looks like before tackling the challenge at hand. We take pride in offering organizations tailored consulting solutions to help them achieve their vision.

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Leadership is as much about leading personal growth as it is about leading team growth. Arrowhead provides both structured training options as well as customized coaching solutions to bring the most out of teams and those individuals that will be leading them.

Organizational Effectiveness

Measuring organizational effectiveness, or the “health” of a company can be an inexact science, creating a lot of inaction and leaving companies scratching their head on where to start.  Arrowhead has taken the confusion and frustration out of this process through the delivery of products and services that highlight a company's strengths and opportunities for improvement, allowing for prioritization and action on the areas that will provide the greatest benefit.

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May the FOUR Be With You – DiSC Personality Styles How to Close More Deals

By Arrowhead Consulting | August 7, 2020

Part Four: Using DiSC Personality Styles and Star Wars to Close More Deals Introduction Whether you are selling LIGHTSABERS, STARFIGHTERS, or DROIDS, as a salesperson, understanding your customer’s buying style can make the difference between making a sale or leaving empty-handed.  Today, the COMPETITION for customers is a BATTLE!  Craft a WINNING selling strategy by…


May the FOUR Be With You – DiSC, EQ, and Agility

By Arrowhead Consulting | July 24, 2020

Part three: Use the FORCE – What Star Wars Teaches Us About Emotional Regulation and Agility Exploring EQ and DiSC Styles in the Star Wars Universe Emotional intelligence, otherwise known as EQ, is defined as the capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.  So…


ISO Audits – Just A Project With A Scary Face

By Arrowhead Consulting | May 21, 2020

Introduction The word audit alone can cause panic-inducing sweats but pair that with all the various versions ISO has and getting certified can seem even more daunting. The process can feel extremely intimidating, especially when you struggle to know where to start. I recently performed a combo ISO 20000:2018 / 27001:2013 implementation and wanted to…


4 Fundamental Values To Look For In Top Consulting Firms

By Arrowhead Consulting | May 15, 2020

Introduction In today’s business environment, organizations constantly face challenges that affect their People, Processes, and/or Tools.  Some of those challenges can be handled in-house through existing departmental staff, while others may require outside experts who can supply a unique perspective.  This is where consulting firms come in.    Typically, consultants are brought in to produce…


4 Tips For Passing Your PMP Exam

By Arrowhead Consulting | May 12, 2020

What are some tips to successfully pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam? This is a question several project managers will ask themselves as they prepare for their upcoming rite of passage into PMP status.  The “ritual or ceremony” consists of a 200 question, 4-hour long, test that isn’t for the faint of heart but,…


Swarming Your Project “Murder Hornets” Takes Communication

By Arrowhead Consulting | May 8, 2020

The Next Threat…Murder Hornets As if COVID-19 is not enough, we recently found out we have yet another potential threat to our food supply. This time, however, nature got involved faster than we have. If you haven’t heard yet, new roughly 2-inch long insects known as “murder hornets” have made their way to the U.S.…

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